Fairy Tales: A Tribute to Tori Amos

Fairy Tales by Jason Watts

WOW! Here we go again. Fairy Tales gets yet another redesign. This time it is a complete redesign to bring it in-line with the rest of my website. Fairy Tales was started back in the days (like around '93 or so). If I remember correctly, there were only about 5 other Tori websites. Times really have changed. I hope you enjoy these pages and find them informative.

There are just sooo many other Tori sites out there on the net. And many of them with such good content, that I feel that I just cannot compete. Nor do I want to compete. I am leaving what information is presented here as a public service, and will try to keep it updated. I have provided a Links page that has a list of other web sites that provide up-to-date content.

Fairy Tales was fun when it started, but seems lost in the current ocean of Tori sites. Thanks to everyone out there who has emailed me and I hope that this site has helped you in some way.

Thanks... Jason

Bright eyed, bushy tailed & something to say is how people would describe you - and haven't you got alot to say!!! All the years of oppression, inequality and sexual liberation - mentally and physically - inside of you are bursting at the seams! You're fearless and not afraid to express how you feel - and theres plenty more where that came from!

Random Tori Quote:
"Some people think I need to be arrested."   - Tori Amos

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